When Koo Koo first touches your mouth you begin to taste pure real chocolate through your palate which warms your spirit down to your stomach. Every single sip creates an unforgettable feeling of rich and creamy chocolate in your mouth which makes you wanna Koo Koo more..! Koo Koo Liqueur is a chocolate lover's delight with a smooth sophisticated taste and a unique name.

Founded by Michal Wrobel in the early 1900's in a little village east of Krakow Poland, with homemade recipe which was passed through to his son Stanley who first produced the liqueur with 37.5% alcohol volume.

Stanley's son Peter Wrobel has since perfected the family recipe by working with nationally recognized labs and research firms to produce 20% alcohol volume version of Koo Koo liqueur without compromising it's taste or modifying the original recipe.